Influx and Grafana

Hi, new here and learning how to use InfluxDB.

Ive setup a database in influx measuring temperatures around the home heating system and displaying in Grafana, all ok.

My question is, with the TICK stack, do I need Grafana or can all the graphing be done in InfluxDB with the TICK stack system.

Chronograf has a lot of nice graphing functions which are worth checking out. The UI design is in some senses “slicker” than Grafana’s. And you can also use it to manage Kapacitor scripts and other Influx features. That said, for pure data visualization, Chronograf’s functionality is not quite as extensive (and in some respects quite as mature) as Grafana’s. So if you’re already running Grafana and you’re happy with it, there might not be much to gain from switching to Chronograf.

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