InfluxDB 1.8.9 - limiting wall-size before flush

My installation is running InfluxDB 1.8.9 on a Raspberry Pi 4, using a Ramdisk for storage to reduce wear on the SD-card.
I am looking for a way to limit the size of the wal before it gets flushed to disk because I noticed that the wal directory grows continuously and finally risks to overflow the Ramdisk space.
The data itself is not the issue, there is around 2mb of data, while the wal grows to >40mb (visible after “influxd backup” which seems to force a flush of the wal contents).

There seems to be a configuration option in InfluxDB 2.0 (storage-cache-snapshot-memory-size) and also for v0.9. I tried modifying the parameter “cache-snapshot-memory-size” on 1.8.9, setting it down from the default 25m to 10m, but still get up to 40m of space used by the wal directory.

Any hints?

Hello @tue,
I’m not sure but I’d maybe try adjusting storage-max-index-log-file-size and maybe even storage-wal-fsync-delay.