Optimum influxdb configuration for dell server with 64GB RAM and 20 CPUs

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Can someone please help me to configure the optimum performance for DISK IO and RAM usage?
Specially for,


I am using Centos 8, 64GB RAM, 2ocps

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Hi All,

Currently i am seeing this,

appreciate if someone can help me out to resolve this.

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Hi @LochanaMendis- Are you seeing some error or specific performance issue? Out-of-the-box, InfluxDB is configured for most use-cases. Changing the default settings requires more context on your workload or response to some specific error condition. Also, what storage type are you using? Influx strongly recommends using SSD’s with 2000+ IOPS minimum.

HI @chobbs, thanks for the reply. Yes i am seeing huge read IOs recorded in iostat. I am seeing very slow loading of grafana dashboards connected to influxdb. I am not using SSDs.
Is there a way to optimize the disk utilization?

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understood @LochanaMendis- your best options is going to be to upgrade to SSD’s - all influx
HW specs require this storage type for perf. There are some config settings that can help with disk util, but generally focused on ingest. I’m not sure what your query profile looks like, but you may take a look at some of the read optimizations tips. Might help general query performance, but just a bit