Optimize influxdb for extremely low disk space

Hi forum,

we are evaluating influxdb for a very resource scarce environment. Unfortunately we are bound to a 32bit platform, so the only option is V1.8.x.

We already invested some effort to optimize for disk space and generally we are happy with the raw data size after some configuration adjustments.

To be clear on that: we already use retention policies and the stored data itself is no problem at all size-wise. Also we already optimized on cardinality (we are at an overall max. cardinality of around 2000) and this doesn’t seem to be an issue either.

Our main issue is the _series files which eat up around 32MByte of data on disk for each database. In relation to the raw data storage: we have around 100MByte _series data for just 3MByte raw data in the retention policy related subfolders.

We have the understanding, that the _series files are generated by default and don’t need to be that big to handle the cardinality we are dealing with.

So the question is: can we shrink them by configuring influxdb?

We could delete those _series folders and replace them with symlinks to tmpfs but that would just be the second best option. What do you think?

Thanks in advance for any hint!