InfluxDB v2 high size on storage (delete data will not free space)

i have an InfluxDB v2 instance with a database (infinite ret. policy).

Some measurements inside are quite big and i do not need infinite data. So i deleted some old data. Then i restarted influxdb. But the size of the data (especially the autogen-folder) is still high.

  1. Any chance to create a query to identify the measurements with highes filesize?
  2. Do you know this problem and how to solve it?

I know that i have to create multiple buckets, but currently i cannot split the data into two or more buckets.

InfluxDB uses a storage engine that periodically compacts data into TSM files. When you delete data, the space isn’t immediately freed up. Instead, InfluxDB marks the data as deleted, and the space is reclaimed during the next compaction cycle.
Is the problem persisting?

  1. There isn’t’ a query for that
  2. I think it should resolve on its own