InfluxDB 1.8 -> 2.02 Upgrade

hello, first time caller.

I had just attempted to upgrade InfluxDB 1.8 that had been running quite happily for over a year to Influx 2.02.

Here is what I did:
I downloaded the .deb from the influxdata site and installed it over the original influx.
I then did systemctl daemon-reload and stopped influx.
The I performed influx upgrade, which seemed to run ok, I could see it stating it was upgrading my databases. For example from upgrade.log:

{“level”:“info”,“ts”:1606134641.2682717,“caller”:“upgrade/database.go:156”,“msg”:“Copying data”,“source”:“/var/lib/
{“level”:“info”,“ts”:1606134677.8064325,“caller”:“upgrade/database.go:171”,“msg”:“Copying wal”,“source”:“/var/lib/i
{“level”:“info”,“ts”:1606134678.0923033,“caller”:“upgrade/database.go:80”,“msg”:"Upgrading database ",“database”:“s

Then I logged into http://localhost:8086 and the only bucket I can see is the new one I created at the beginning of the upgrade.

No sign of any of my data…

I must say, thats not an ideal upgrade process.

Am I missing something?

@thetravellor, maybe that could be a problem with the folder path and permissions.
I see the upgraded data were copied into the /root/.influxdbv2/engine, so the upgrade was run under ‘root’.
Could you, please, try running influxd manually as root? To stop service and run influxd and check UI for data.