Clarification about the 1.x to 2.x upgrade process

Hi all,

I tried to upgrade my 1.x installation today and none of my 1.x data shows up in 2.x. The reason may be the way I went about this:

  1. Run influxd upgrade, with success and this message:
    ,“msg”:“Database upgrade complete”,“upgraded_count”:3
  2. I entered a new user, a “home” org and a “home” bucket
  3. I then connected to localhost:8086 where I find the “Get Started” button, and I re-entered the same info - primary user, password, org, bucket

Did I erase all the migrated data in step 3?
If so how do I skip over the “get started” steps in the UI after I have upgraded?


Ok, this is all about paths… if upgrade cannot find a config file, it doesn’t generate a v2 config file, and as a result the service thinks it has never been set up.

Do make sure you get the --config-file switch right for the upgrade command, and that there is an /etc/influxdb/config.toml after the upgrade, before starting the service.