Upgrade from v1.7.9 to v2.7.1 not updating data

Hello everyone, as in the topic I am struggling with the problem of not updating the data in the buckets. So far in version 1.7.9 the data is provided through some strange script made by someone who no longer works with us. After running “influxd upgrade --config-file” the only data that is present is the “up to upgrade time” data. For example, the update was done at 12:45 and the data shown in the new influx version is only up to 12:45 and nothing more. Unfortunately, I have no idea what could be the reason for this turn of events. I am asking or even you can say begging for help and I thank you in advance for all the helpful answers.

Hello @Kacper_K,
Version 1.x is so very old. Are you upgrading to 2.x?
Hard to help if id don’t know what the script is and the details of your upgrade process and goals.

here are the docs for that command:

The config file is just the default config for InfluxDB v1. Or whatever changes you might have made to it. Its not a custom script by any means though.