Influx command does not work with TLS enabled

Hi! I activated the TLS for influxdb and now i’m getting

influx ping
Error: 400 Bad Request: unable to decode response content type ""

as soon as i disable TLS everything is ok:

influx ping

influx bucket ls
ID                      Name            Retention       Shard group duration    Organization ID         Schema Type
cf35cf3aa13be582        ISS-DC          87600h0m0s      168h0m0s                f358a0d0eae1f003        implicit
b5a214364898ba30        _monitoring     168h0m0s        24h0m0s                 f358a0d0eae1f003        implicit
31a24a3490c2d3c5        _tasks          72h0m0s         24h0m0s                 f358a0d0eae1f003        implicit

is there any special setting for usage of the cli client when TLS is active?
Thanks a lot!