Influx 2.0.2 CLI without UI

Hi, I’m a bit new so sorry if my question is too obvious.
before it inhabits influx 1.8 tested and it was installed in the same way as version 2.0.2. But after installing and enabling the influxd service, entering only “influx” in terminal one entered a session only through the console and queries and demaces could be executed there.
In version 2.0.2 that no longer happens. When entering “influx” different things appear, even after configuring the first user with “influx setup” I don’t know how the DB can be accessed only by terminal, since I can only interact through UI.
In case, I don’t update the version of influx, I use a new machine where I install the new version cleanly.
How can I enter influx through terminal only?

Hello @hyperpanic,
Does this blog help you?

Thank you.