How to start an influxdb-cli console with command "fluxdb" on influxdb2 package (installed on Debian 11 most current on 2022-06-28)

How to start a influxdb2 CLI console so i can enter commands in console - similar to MySQL or MariaDB!?

I tried EVERYTHING described on InfluxDB OSS 2.3 Documentation , bot nothing works - i just get errors (wrong argument) OR when i enter “influx query” i get a “console” but i can enter any nonsense there (e.g. aergswtrhwrthjwjzsw;) and i never get an answer “command successful” or “wrong command”.

And the only one way to exit that “influx query”-console, seems to be to press “Ctrl-D” (Ctrl-C does not seem to be enough - why?) Which command i need to enter to exit? Which command i need to enter to use query commands?

Does nobody knows how that works…?

Hello @ugvsffzawv,
I’m not sure it works just fine for me:

influx query 'from(bucket:"noaa") |> range(start: -5mo) 
|> limit(n:5)'

Also ctrl-C works to exit the CLI for me.

Can you share the command you used? What’s your OS? And are you running 2.3?


Thank you very much for your feedback - will try it ASAP!! :slight_smile:

Best regards, Hans

FYI: More problems / bugs HERE: