Influx CLI not available


On Influx CLI 2.0.7 it’s not possible to open the influx cli, when typing ‘influx’ you receive the same as ‘influx -h’. I read, this comfortable feature was removed on version 2.+ . Instead we should use flux repl.
I read a while but I stuck - you find many examples about flux repl, but how can I query the DB to create a database with flux repl?


@wolfbiker1 the flux repl (and flux in general, as far as I know) doesn’t support creating buckets, it can only query data from existing buckets. The influx CLI has a bucket command that you can use to create your buckets (docs here). It also has a query command that you can use for non-interactive flux queries (docs here). If you need the REPL experience, you’ll either need to bounce between the two CLIs or use the script editor in the UI.

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Hey dan, thanks, that did the trick!