Indexing and design principal in v2.0.0

Hello there,

I’m quite new to influxDB, so I’m mostly mostly reading docs and playing around…

I was browsing the v1.7 doc and found enlightening design principles and advices :

Or even here :

I did not find the equivalent for v2.0 in its doc.

Does those design principles still apply (even grossly) or did the query processor / storage scheme been redesigned (invalidating former advices) ?

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

PS : I forgot the “I’m so blind I did not found it” possibility, too :slight_smile:

Hi @Johann_Cahier! My understanding is that the same schema design principles apply in 2.0 as in 1.7. The 2.0 docs are still a work in progress and do not contain everything that exists in the 1.7 docs.