InfluxDB v2 schema recommendation

I’ve read several topics about schema recommendation and also about data homogeneity within one measurement. I am not sure if data schema I used is correct.

In short, the question is: Is recommendation regarding schemas homogeneity from InfluxDB schema design recommendations and best practices | InfluxDB Cloud Serverless Documentation is also valid for InfluxDB v2 OSS?

Problem description: I created a solution without previous experience with InfluxDB v2. I used one measurement, where I save data from devices: temperature sensor and some device. Let’s imagine folloiwing parameters:
field1_key == “temperature”, field2_key == “voltage”, tag_key == device_id.

Question: Does it mean that every point in InfluxDB will contain all keys, but some of them will contain just NULL value?

Hello @kdabrow1,
Welcome! yes the schema recommendations for serverless are the same for oss v2.

Your tags and fields are flipped in your line protocol just fyi.

No with v2 you wont have null values in the db or in your returned data. That’s because _value (temperature) and _field (field name or key i.e. field1_key) are separated in the returned tables to avoid null values.