Hardware Sizing Guidelines for influxdb2?

Please excuse me if this has already been beaten into the ground, but I couldn’t find anything. I’m looking at running Influxdb2 (OSS) in AWS/EC2 and was trying to find some guidelines as to instance type/size, etc (similar to Hardware sizing guidelines | InfluxDB OSS 1.8 Documentation)

Specifically looking at memory/cpu specs and whether the Graviton (arm64) instance types might be better?

Hello @Dayton,
If you’re using OSS v2 you can use those guidelines. They still apply.

Thanks! Do you know if influxdb OSS v2 works well on the graviton instance types?

I ran into the same question, and found this answer.
@Anaisdg : If the old text is still valid, why isn’t it copied to the V2.x documentation ?
At some point nobody will look into V1.x docs, or really wonder whether why apply to V2.x.

Hello @wfjm,
Good question. Perhaps @scott from the docs team knows the answer? Thank you.

I believe there is testing going on to determine hardware sizing for 2.x. It’s probably safe to use the 1.x guidelines as a baseline, but we haven’t put them in the 2.x documentation because, AFAIK, we haven’t validated the recommendations with a 2.x instance.

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