Need CPU hardware Requirements regarding influxdb

Hello. I need information regarding CPU hardware requirements regarding influxdb. Currently I have the following setup:

1 - 1 Core
2- 25GB HDD
3 - 1GB Ram.

Running on cloud VPS server. Currently, I have set influxdb v 1.8.
Through MQTT I am sending 5 different values after 2sec with node-red and currently visualize data through Grafana. My point is when I started the system the RAM was 32% but after 4 days it increased to near 41%. Keeping in view that I have changed from “inmem” to tsi1. Also, HDD has increased by 5.46%. I also have set a retention policy of 4 weeks with shard group duration of 1 day. Is it normal? Cardinality is 1 on each measurement.

When did you set it up?

As the data grows it will require more space to be stored and RAM to be indexed.
here is the official sizing guide, I’d say you will still need to wait for at least 4 weeks (your RP duration) in order to have a complete overview on resource usage since from that point on the database should be full and “stable”