How to find index mechanism my influxdb is using?

I want to know which index mechanism influxdb is currently using , is it tsi or inmem?
I want to know for influxdb 1.7.7 and 1.1.1 version.

Newer version shsould be using TSI by default, older versions (not sure when the default changed) use inmem.

You can check in the config file for the influx instance you want to check. It might have it in the docs for the different versions too

Is there any command using which I can check which index influx is using?

Not that i’ve used but there might be something on here

To be honest, 1.7 should be TSI by default, its the 1.1.1 version I’m not sure of.

I’d normally just nano the influx DB config and look for the index setting in there. If there is a command then cool

For version 1.1.1 I’m sure it is stored with inmem(or tsm) indexing.
For version 1.7.7
In influxdb.conf below line is commented
# index-version = "inmem"
Also data in autgen folder are stored with extension tsm
From which I feel data are stored with tsm indexing .

the commented line would make me think it is using “inmem” - the default option is usually commented out.

Now the issue would be converting your index from inmem to TSI1 if you wanted to. There is a guide though