Benchmarking Memory Usage: tsi1 and inmem



I have two machines running version 1.3.1 and 1.3.2. For the sake of simplicity; the machine is named tsi1 running with tsi1 indexing enabled and has version 1.3.2) and second machine is named inmem (running version 1.3.1)…

I noticed that both the machines have similar memory utilization (tsi1 machine has more data points 10 months vs 8 months) but the memory utilization is identical. tsi1 machine shows 27 GB in use and inmem shows 24 GB in use. Looking at the directory structure on tsi1 machine I see the index directory exists for each shard but I’m confused with the memory utilization. Is there any other test available to validate if the indexing functionality (tsi1) is actually working?


Hi @sbains did you have the answer to your question? Because I am actually testing inmemory index vs tsi1 index (I ran the command which converts the inmemory indexes to tsi1 indexes) but I did not see any better performance (I work on a HDD). So if you know something to tune in order to make it work better, it could be nice !