Influx using tsm index rather than tsi1 after migration


Following the directions at we are trying to migrate to the tsi1 based indexes.

Our influxdb config contains:
index-version = “tsi1”

With the influx service stopped, the following command runs without issues.
sudo -u influxdb influx_inspect buildtsi -datadir /data01/data/ -waldir /data01/wal/

The index folder is created for each shard.

Subsequent runs of buildtsi return output like

“tsi1 index already exists, skipping”

But on running “show stats” the shards have the engine listed as tsm1.

tags: database=telegraf, engine=tsm1, id=116, path=/data01/data/telegraf/autogen/116, retentionPolicy=autogen,

I feel like I"m misisng something obvious, but I don’t see it.


Have you tried to restart influxdb?


I think you need to look into the “indexType” , not the “engine”.


You are correct, I was confused by the logging.