Lots of Reading File (engine=tsm1) on boot after upgrading to 1.6.3 and tsi


I’ve just updated my influx db to version 1.6.3 and updated my indexes using influx_inspect buildtsi. I’ve seen that new tsi files are created but when influx is booting up I see lots of log messages like this:

ts=2018-10-09T09:04:15.842754Z lvl=info msg="Opened file" log_id=0B1~5PPG000 engine=tsm1 service=filestore path=/data/influxdb/data/telegraf/autogen/1282/000347655-000000041.tsm id=39 duration=2024.906ms

Is this should still happen after Upgrading InfluxDB to 1.6.3 and changing the index files and the configuration to use tsi?