How to delete data through Chronograf?

I’ve upgraded to InfluxDB 1.3 and now the old administration interface no longer works/exists.

I’m now having to use Chronograf but I’m not being able to figure out how to delete data.

I’m trying to delete the series from an old server that no longer exists. However, I see no way to select a DB, so I tried:
DELETE FROM telegraf_linux.autogen.disk WHERE "host" = 'PerfTeam-MnA-LinuxWorker1'
DELETE FROM telegraf_linux..disk WHERE "host" = 'PerfTeam-MnA-LinuxWorker1'
DELETE FROM telegraf_linux.disk WHERE "host" = 'PerfTeam-MnA-LinuxWorker1'

I am quite happy with the concept of InfluxDB not having the admin console anymore and that functionality being an external tool that is not part of the DB. However I am NOT HAPPY at all with Chronograf. It feels clunky, bloated, keeps deleting the queries I’m writing whenever I click in the data (DON’T DELETE USERS’ WORK!!!), doesn’t allow me to select anything in the page (ex: copy&paste a RP name from the results into the query text box - what the hell!?).

Ok, Chronograf is seriously not production ready, I’m really sorry guys.

The worst that has happened to me so far:
I typed this into the query editor:
Then I clicked somewhere else (I was going to confirm something before dropping it) and Chronograf automatically executes the statement upon the cursor leaving the text area.

I just got a database deleted unintentionally… Fortunately it was a test DB and it didn’t affect me much (I was actually going to delete it anyway).

@paulo Thanks for bringing these bugs to our attention! Please file an issue over at with your version of Chronograf, version of InfluxDB, reproduction steps and any relevant / appropriate screenshots. This will help us appropriately triage and prioritize your issue.