How to: 20 raspberry pi's communicate with influxdb VM

I am trying to aggregate data from 20+ raspberry pi’s to monitor on our Intrusion Detection System.
As yet, I only have influx suite of tools installed on the IDS server
Question: Do I install only telegraf on each pi? or everything?
Just looking for a little guidance at this point.
Thanks in advance

If your goal is to collect data from the Raspberry Pis and store it on the IDS server, then yes, you only need to install Telegraf on each Pi, while InfluxDB, Chronograf, and Kapacitor will be installed only on your IDS server. Each Telegraf will do the collection of the data and send it your server, where InfluxDB will receive and store it.

There are some use cases where you might want to have the complete stack installed on both an embedded device like a Raspberry Pi as well as on a remove server (such as when building an IoT Edge Collection Device), but this doesn’t sound like something you would need.

Thanks @noahcrowley
I will install on one and test, then, if all goes well, the others. Else, I might hit you up again!

Connected ok to the first three pi’s - thanks

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