Noob architecture question: Raspbery Pi to Influxd on QNAP

I want to collect data from a strain guage / load cell connected to a Raspberry Pi and populate an Influxdb database installed in a container on a QNAP NAS. I have a python script that collects the output from the load cell but not sure how to populate the db with these results. For example should I set up an MQTT broker (such as Mosquito) and subscribe Telegraf? Or use a UNIX socket listenter? Where should Telegraf be installed and run; on the Pi or NAS?
How do I configure Telegraf to then load data into the NAS based influxdb?
Thanks very much

Hi @timbo

My prefered approach for passing data around the network is to use MQTT and Telegraf has an input plugin which will allow you to consume the MQTT messages and send them straight in to InfluxDB.

Here’s my suggestion:

The Telegraf project has a lot of examples that should get you going.

You might also like to consider hosting your data in the Cloud 2 product (you can sign up for a free account) and then have Telegraf upload direct to the cloud. Personal preference again, but I quite like having one less thing to manage on my network.

Hope that points you in the right direction, let me know if you get stuck.

Cheers, Will

Hi Will,
Thank you so much for this incredibly comprehensive and helpful reply. I really appreciate you taking the time and offering your insights.

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