Grafana giving error : Error reading buckets when data is there in influxdb

I am dockerizing grafana and influxdb2.0 with jmeter. so while setting up when jmeter is not sending any data to influxdb, grafana is able to read bucket name and queries but I get error reading buckets on grafana when jmeter is sending data. Not sure what is happening. Plz help

I get this error: Post ā€œhttp://influxdb:8086/api/v2/query?org=my_orgā€: dial tcp: lookup influxdb on read udp> i/o timeout error reading buckets

Please help

Hello @Sangeeta_Agarwal,
Can you please share your docker-compose?
If you have a service named influxdb in your Docker Compose file, you would reference it as http://influxdb:8086 from other containers on the same network.

You can also use network troubleshooting tools like ping, nslookup, or dig from within one of the containers to check network connectivity and DNS resolution to the other containers:

docker exec -it grafana_container_name_or_id ping influxdb
docker exec -it grafana_container_name_or_id nslookup influxdb
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@Jay_Clifford do you have any jmeter example?

Hi @Anaisdg,
I do not but I believe your line of questioning is correct. This either looks to be a connection timeout due to a bad URL or InfluxDB needs to be initialised. @Sangeeta_Agarwal your docker-compose and current grafana influxdb datasource would help alot here.

Hi @Anaisdg ,

My docker-compose file worked. The problem was missing network in grafana.

Thank you for the help

Hello, @Sangeeta_Agarwal,
Iā€™m experiencing a similar error and would appreciate it if you could provide a clear explanation of your solution.