Getting response code = 400, missing db error while posting data from jmeter to influx

I am trying to post jmeter data to influxdb.
I am getting above error.

I tried to debug it but no success in it. Please help
Getting below error
Error writing metrics to influxDB Url: http://localhost:8086/write?org=poc&bucket=jmeter_demo, responseCode: 400, responseBody: {“code”:“invalid”,“message”:“missing db”}

Hello @Sangeeta_Agarwal,
can you please share either:
a) a screenshot of your buckets?
b) use the CLI bucket list command
c) use the API to get a list of your buckets?

And share the output?
Thank you

Just to verify, you’re using 2.x?

Hello @Anaisdg I faced this error code also. I am running api behind nginx. Attached is the image of error

By the way, I manage to send the data to influxdb hosted on cloud using influxdb-python API with same setting. whereas curl gives another error