Giraffe brush zoom handling


I’m creating a webapp using Giraffe to display some time series data.
The chart automatically refreshes every x seconds and I want the refresh timer to be paused when a user has zoomed in on a chart.

Because my yDomain is set manually i can use onSetYDomain to check if someone used the brush zoom on the y domain. This however doesn’t work with the x domain because it is set automatically.
Is there a way for me to set the xDomain in ‘controlled’ mode without changing the xDomain?

I’m not sure. Maybe @TCL735 can help? Thank you!!


For now I have fixed the issue by manually getting the first and last _time variable out of the table and storing them in xDomain.

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Unfortunately, no. But your solution of manually setting the xDomain in the table is a workaround.

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@TCL735 Thanks for your help here!