Giraffe "line" chart Start x End x time axis

In InfluxDB Dashboards the charts select time range based on the selected time range.
With Giraffe the x timerange is selected based on the returned data. So if there is no data for the first hour the chart starts at selected start + 1 hour.
I did not found a way to set the x axis (Time) to the selected interval.
Anyone has an idea how to do this?


set createEmpty to true in your flux query

Ok thanks, now I get the correct start and stop range in the chart. But now every thing is just one strait line. If I hover over the Line the tooltip shows the correct values. So as far as I can see the data is ok. Is there a special config I have to adjust? It only happens if there is a aggregateWindow in the request. If I just plot the raw data the chart is ok, just the start time is not the range start timestamp as described in the first post.