Simple use example of Giraffe, using a ReactJS 18 functional component

Would someone be so kind and give me a simple example of this, with any chart, it does not matter!
I have followed very carefully every existing example, have no error in my code but still cannot get anything to show up in the container :frowning:

Thanks in advance !

PS Everything shows fine with static csv data, but not when fetching !

Hello @GitHubAgneska,
here ya go:

Ps what are you building with giraffe? It’s not often that I see users ask about it.

Hello Anais, thank you so much for your answer !
There’s so much Influx doc out there, it is both great and confusing :wink:

I’m currently building a frontend to pilot the monitoring of devices whose data are exposed via Influx,
it’s a delight to work with such amazing tools :wink:

Hello Anais,
I have another question for you :smiley:
Is there a way to get all graphs to align vertically ? (see screenshot)
It’s essential to the data viz I’m working on, as all timelines are based on the same time range,
but depending on the Yvalue length, the graphs offset to the right…