Correcting a graph plotted with Giraffe

Hi, I’m using Giraffe to plot a graph for some data I’m getting from influx. So far everything is plotted correctly with all the correct values. The only problem I’m having is, I’m trying to remove closed shaded regions and line in the images below.

Is there any way to remove the line and closed shaded regions in the posted images below (In the second image from time range of Feb 18 to feb 22, is there a way to remove the closed shaded region) through changing properties for the graph?

This is what my plotting Config look like - I’m using a Line layer config to generate the data

table: table.table,
            xScale: 'linear',
            yScale: 'linear',
            gridColor: 'black',
            gridOpacity: '0.2',
            legendFont: '18px sans-serif',
            tickFont: '12px sans-serif',
            axisColor: 'transparent',
            xTotalTicks: 6,
            yTickStart: -1,
            yTotalTicks: 5,
            tickFontColor: 'black',
            showAxes: true,
            legendCrosshairColor: 'black',
            layers: [
                    type: 'line',
                    x: 'Time',
                    y: 'Value',
                    position: 'overlaid',
                    maxTooltipRows: 24,
                    lineOpacity: 1,
                    fill: ['VALUE_LABEL'],
                    hoverDimension: 'x',
                    lineWidth: 1,
                    colors: ['#BFC68C', '#97C3E5', '#ccccff'],
                    shadeBelow: true,
                    shadeBelowOpacity: 0.2,

Hello @riz,
Maybe try using this option?

shadeBelow: boolean

I already tried and nothing changed, the graph still renders with incomplete and abnormal shading