Giraffe library - min/max domains and configuration of layers

Hi all, I’m using Giraffe library, and I have some questions about configuration

  1. Min-max limits. I’ve trying to limit ymin and ymax in line chart. Automatic limits depends on data, but I need to have fixed min-max interval. I’ve tried to set
      const config = {
        layers: [lineLayer],
        yDomain: [10.0, 200.0],

in the configuration of Giraffe, but it is not work. Does I need to do something else?
2. Is it possible in Giraffe show on line chart values with marks (dots, squares, etc)? I have set additional scatter layer with the same dataset, but in this case it shows two annotations on each other (they overlapped).
3. Is it possible to set the priority of line drawings. I mean, e.g. we have 10 lines with similar values, and some lines will be hidden underneath of others. How to show that hidden lines?
4. In Grafana click on the icon of line on static legend toggles visibility of the line. Is it implemented in Giraffe? I have seen discussion on this question on Giraffe gitHub page, and looks like Click on line should highlight it. But it doesn’t work for me…

Hello @Alexander_Vel,
Please see this issue that’s been closed in response to your question:

Thank you for letting us know!

Hi @Anaisdg ,

thank you very much for the implementation of default handlers! I will try it.

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