Generating influxdb rpm from source code (How to fix the below error)

[INFO] package: Creating packages for linux/amd64

[ERROR] run: Command ‘make -C man/ clean install DESTDIR=/tmp/influxdb-build.QRWYDi/linux/amd64/influxdb-1.8.3-1/usr’ failed with error: make: Entering directory `/code/src/’

rm -f influxd.xml influxd-backup.xml influxd-config.xml influxd-restore.xml influxd-run.xml influxd-version.xml influx.xml influx_inspect.xml influx_stress.xml influx_tsm.xml influxd.1 influxd-backup.1 influxd-config.1 influxd-restore.1 influxd-run.1 influxd-version.1 influx.1 influx_inspect.1 influx_stress.1 influx_tsm.1

ASCIIDOC influxd.xml

XMLTO influxd.1

make: *** [influxd.1] Error 127

rm influxd.xml

make: Leaving directory `/code/src/’

Honestly, I am not sure if you are going to find anyone in the community forum that can answer this. I can see if I can track someone down that maintains their repos