Latest version of InfluxDB for Raspberry Pi

I am trying to find an instance of InfluxDB for which I do not get an error message “command not found” when I type ‘influx’. Also, I typically end up with version 1.0.2 which is really out of date.

The InfluxDB site also has a page where one can download tar files and unpack them. I can do that for Raspberry Pi (ARM), though the result is a set of files that apparently must be manually copied to their proper base directories. That said, I can see /usr/bin/influx in the directory tree.

My question is whether this is the only option I have. This option makes it difficult to uninstall since the files are scattered over several directory trees.

Hi @BKFC ,

you can see /usr/bin/influx , probably the command influx is not in your PATH ?
What happens if you type /usr/bin/influx ?

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The point is that /usr/bin/influx does not exist, and /usr/bin is on my path.

If I follow the installation instructions at for Debian users:

…then after installation /usr/bin/influx simply isn’t there, nor anywhere else, though the service influxdb is. There have been many postings of this problem across the web.

If, on the other hand, I download a tar file via this page:

…then all files exist, though I must carefully move them into their proper places and make a list of what I did if I want to remove them. There is no install/uninstall script contained in the tar file.

I can’t control what the influx site does, but their pages are inconsistent.

Hi @BKFC ,

If I understand correctly ,
you can get it running with a workaround but you would like to have clear install instructions
and deinstall instructions ,

There are some posts here in the community about installing on a raspberry ,
I will try it myself on a raspberry and document the steps I followed,
by the end of the week I will send you an update ,

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An update: if I download the tar file as noted above, the key files are there. However, when as root I put them in their appropriate places (/etc /usr /var), when I try starting InfluxDB, I get

Failed to start influxdb.service: Unit influxdb.service not found.

So at this point neither the tar file nor the package download works.