"Free Tier" Not sufficient to follow course directions

The course material is great and I love the fact there is a resource I can tap into online. Just wanted to warn that in the first lecture of the course, a NOAA csv resource is imported into your first bucket. The free tier when you sign up does not allow for this action. If you attempt to run the script provided you will be told that you have exceeded your write limit for the tier, I had to install locally to follow along. Hope it helps someone from trying to figure out what went wrong, thanks. Look forward to rest of material though.

Hello @Will_Long_II,
Thank you for your feedback.
Can you please remind me which video that’s in?
Thank you.
You can do the following:

import "experimental/csv"

relativeToNow = (tables=<-) => tables
    |> elapsed()
    |> sort(columns: ["_time"], desc: true)
    |> cumulativeSum(columns: ["elapsed"])
    |> map(fn: (r) => ({r with _time: time(v: int(v: now()) - r.elapsed * 1000000000)}))

csv.from(url: "https://influx-testdata.s3.amazonaws.com/noaa.csv")
    |> relativeToNow()
    |> limit(n: 100)
    |> to(bucket: "noaa")

Adding the limit to reduce the amount of data you’re writing.