Upload a csv file to Influx running on AWS EC2

Hi everyone,

I’m completely new to InfluxDB.
The company I work for has and old InfluxDb (version 1.8.10) running on AWS EC2 instance and no one currently in the company has worked with InfluxDB.

The database constantly ingest data but I wanted to backfill a day worth of data when we had a system outage. I can have the data supplied to me by CSV.

Can anyone suggest me the best steps and practices to take in order to upload the data. Also point me to any tutorials if available.
I’m working my way through the documentation but as I’m completely new at this some guidance would be greatly appreciated and any advice on what to be aware of if there are risks in backfilling the database.

I only ever worked with Timescale and I have encountered issues in performance during compressions etc. when backfilling.

Thank you in advance for the help.