InfluxDB University: Start learning and testing your skills!

Hey all, If you didn’t know already we have just released InfluxDB University. This is an awesome way to learn InfluxDB, Telegraf and Flux inside and out. I recommend starting off with these:

  • Telegraf Basics
  • InfluxDB Essentials
  • Beginner Flux

This will also become the way you get awarded with certifications from us. Check it out, tell us what you think! Class is in Session - Announcing InfluxDB University | InfluxData


Hi, I’ve just started the course “Beginner Flux”.
Unfortunately I stumbled on a first issue. Assignment 2: loading data into InfluxDB.
There is some data that needs to be loaded into a newly created bucket “training” via the line protocol.
When I do that I get a message that data is loaded successfully.
But when I want to explore the data no measurement or tag is found.
Tried it on the free influxdb in the cloud and on an influxdb I’m running locally.

Let me take a look at the line protocol. I suspect the timestamp is back in 2021 / 2020 which might be why the data is successfully loading but you are not seeing it. I will also feed this back to the team :slight_smile:

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Yes indeed. I expanded the time range to 1 year and now I see the tags.
Thank you.

Okay found the issue. it looks like the Unix converts to Thursday, 20 January 2022 12:00:00. Which would be beyond the 30-day retention policy. I am working with the team on a solution to this. Thanks again @MVdB for raising it.

Let us know your feedback or any troubles you face :slight_smile:

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@MVdB Thank you so much for reporting this, we really appreciate the feedback. We’ve written a script that writes a new daily dataset so you can always use something current. I recommend trying this assignment again. Hopefully, this helps!

just some quick feedback while going through the intro courses:

  • it would be helpful to show some intermediate steps instead of just describing them. that probably sounds vague, but there are some examples where the data are presented in a slide, then the next slide contains the results. some of these examples may have an intermediate representation or state that might be nice to see rather than hear.
  • using some demo videos or screencasts instead of static slides would be nice here and there. maybe demonstrating with video/screencast solves the first issue.
  • there are typos and inaccuracies in the slides that should just be corrected rather than mentioned in the narration/instruction.

overall, thanks for putting together this content. it’s very helpful.

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@rockpapergoat many thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback. Sorry, we didn’t reply sooner we have all been at our company meetup. @ekurze I will start collecting this feedback on product board :slight_smile:

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all good! thanks for taking the time to put together the materials and make them better.

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