Line Protocol InfluxDB 2.0

I just installed influxdb 2.0 using docker. But when I want to enter data from the examples given. The data is not entered. But when I delete the timestamp, the data can enter. Was there any configuration that was missed.

Docker installation :
docker run -p 8086:8086
-v influxdb2:/var/lib/influxdb2

Data : mem,host=host1 used_percent=23.43234543 1556892576842902000

I would try to find the problem.

  • first change user_percent to userpercent
  • second change 23.43234543 to 23
  • try changing timestamp and precision

But the data is indeed in InfluxDB - but you don’t see it. :wink:
I think there is a misunderstanding that I also stumbled upon in the beginning.
The timestamp from your influx protocol line is around two years ago:

Friday, 3. May 2019 14:09:36.842

If you then go to the Data Explorer, you will not see any metrics at first, because that depends on the time span set on the right in the window in the small widget (past 1h or something like that).
Unfortunately, that’s pretty irritating if you don’t know… :unamused:

If you were to change the time span to 2 years, or import an influx line protocol line with a current timestamp, you would see something in the Data Explorer.

If you don’t enter a timestamp, InfluxDB will automatically take the current time, which is why you see this data point in the Data Explorer and the older data point (mistakenly) not.

Sorry I asked a stupid question. But it’s true I think I missed the time span window widget.

No, that’s not a stupid question - it’s got me pretty irritated too. :wink: