Flux and InfluxQL show different results

Hi folks!
I’m using InfluxDB 1.8.3 with flux enabled with official docker image.

With a deployment I have a strange behavior: if I add a point to the db, running a InfluxQL query (like SELECT * FROM Local.autogen.Alarms) shows immediately the measurement, indeed the Flux query (like from(bucket: "Local/autogen") |> range(start: 0)) doesn’t return any measurement. It appears after some minuets/hours; honestly I don’t know exactly when o why.

Any idea of why? Thanks

Hello @ricciolo,

I’m not sure. I immediately see results. Do you know how many points you expect that query to yield? What’s your retention policy?


Retention of autogen is infinite and I expect one point, what I’ve just added.
It’s so strange because with the same container, same configuration, I don’t have this strange behavior. I’ve already retried to recreate the container and create an empty volume: no changes.

Is there any deeper log to check?

Hello @ricciolo,
Hmm I’m not sure. Let me pass your question along to the Flux team. Thanks for your patience.

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Hi @Anaisdg! Any clue of what could be the reason?

Hello @ricciolo,
I don’t have any additional information. :confused:
I’ve shared this question with the Flux team here:

I’d expect them to get back to you soon, though! Thanks for understanding.

Hi @Anaisdg ,
after a while I understood that the container has wrong time set and flux syntax only returns past points using local time. So points simply weren’t visibled.