Data not in UTC timezone


Influxdb is hosted on US region (timezone UTC),. we are forwarding data from 3 regions US, ASIAPAC and EMEA(each in respective timezones) on separate databases in influxdb.

US and ASIAPAC database are returning data on below query, where as EMEA database isn’t.

"select * from Ping where time > now() - 1h "

On each DB i ran below query:

"select * from Ping ORDER BY DESC LIMIT 1 "

Here is the time i capture:

US : 2017-06-08T07:12:06Z "US"
ASIAPAC : 2017-06-08T07:11:04Z "SG"
EMEA : 2017-06-07T23:04:33Z “pl” “$HOSTGROUPNAME$”

For US/ASIAPAC - time captured is UTC time, but for EMEA its UTC-8hrs.

I have no idea, how to capture EMEA data under UTC timezone.

please suggest on how to proceed further.

Rohit Tiwari

@rohit Some information about how you are collecting data as well as the host OS would be helpful in debugging this issue.

@jackzampolin Thanks for response.

We are collecting data from Nagios monitoring tool. We have integrated Nagios and Influxdb using plugin called graphios, which parses the nagios data into line protocol format and writes into the desired database, that exists in influxdb.

We have been using Influxdb v 1.2 for around 6 months now, but never faced such issue before.

We have installed influxdb setup on Windows 2012 server and using it as a datastore to Grafana for dashboard purpose. Both Grafana and Influxdb are installed on same win2012 server(UTC timezone).


Issue has fixed, found out server in EMEA region, went out of time sync, causing this issue.

Fixing the time sync issue, fixed this aswell.

Please close the thread.

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@rohit Glad you got that working. Thanks for posting your solution!