Timezone on host machine


Being new to Influx, I was wondering if the host machine timezone has any effect in data stored in Influx? I am having some issues with wrong timestamp in Grafana when parsing logs from Graylog and I can’t figure out the issue.


No, it does not :grinning:

All data in InfluxDB is stored as UTC

If you can expand on your issue, we can try to help you work out what has went wrong :+1:

Sure! I am visualizing logs in Grafana from Elasticsearch/Graylog and every since the latest Grafana update, my log data now shows in UTC instead of my local timezone, Eastern. This only happens in Grafana. It’s fine everywhere else and it only started after the latest update.

Here’s an example:

Message in Graylog:

Same Message in Grafana:

It’s simply displaying it in UTC which I understand, the default behavior but changing the options in Grafana to display in Local Browser time does not make a difference. If I set it to UTC it actually increases the time +5. Again, I updated Grafana and quickly noticed the change so I am positive it was due to the update.

I found this PR that could possibly be related but my lack of understanding of how everything works doesn’t allow me to explain exactly what is going on so my issue may coming across as user error (which it could be?).

Here’s my post at Github/Grafana and at the community boards.

Is it possible to revert back to older version you were using to confirm your theory?

I am researching that right now as I am not sure exactly what the procedure would be but definitely willing to do it.

@Mert So I spun up a Ubuntu VM and installed Grafana * v6.4.5 and sure enough, the issue is corrected so it is indeed the latest version causing it.


Graylog showing correct/desired information:

Grafana v6.4.5 with correct/desired information:

Latest version of Grafana showing undesired date/timestamp: