Creating my InfluDB

I want to use InfluxDB to store my timeseries. I am wondering how I have to create the DB. Here is my inputs:

I have multiple sites. On each site, I can one from one to n hosts. Each host creates differents measurements.
I would like to create a visualisation pannel as the image of this post.

If I click on one of the site button, I want to see all the measurements of the site. If I click a measurement, I want to see only this measurment. Do you think it is a good idea to build my DB like that:

Measurement A, site=site1 host=host-1 measure=2134
Measurement E, site=site2 host=host-2 measure=454

I am wondering how I will be able to get all measurement from each site with one timseries per measurement

Thank you

@bonaime Can you give some examples of your Measurements? That word has a specific meaning in InfluxDB. It is close to a table in SQL. It sounds like the measures you are talking about are closer to fields in InfluxDB.

@jackzampolin: My measurement are Tension, current, pressure value,… Each measure is different and I don’t need to compare them. I only need to compare or plot in the same graph values of on host or one site.

I was thinking about this database:
Site-1, measure=mesure-A host=host-1 value=2134
Site-1, measure=mesure-B host=host-1 value=2234
Site-1, measure=mesure-C host=host-1 value=4234
Site-2, measure=mesure-D host=host-2 value=134

In this case, my Measurements are my sites. Does it make sense ?

@bonaime That is definitely one way to model the data. I find it more intuitive if you name the measurements after the metric you are tracking (current, pressure, tension) then have the metadata (site-1, host-foo) as tags.