Copy data between databases on different hosts - how-to/where to start?

Hi, total rookie on InfluxDB and first post here, but with some experience with traditional SQL-databases. I need some advice on how to move forward.

I installed an influx database (1.8.3) on host A to persist measurements from OpenHAB and it worked just fine out of the box. Since A is a Raspberry Pi I had problems using the rendering service in Grafana so I decided to install a new InfluxDB (2.0.0) (and Grafana) to docker containers on a separate Intel NUC with Ubuntu 20.04 (host B). When everything was tested, I decided to shift my OpenHAB persistance service to use Influx on host B and it worked immediately - all measurements are now being stored in the new database on host B.

The reason I did it like this and not by using a backup/restore from A to B was that I didn’t want to end up with a “gap” in my measurements while doing the backup/restore.

So, now I have an old database with a number of tables containing my historical data that I want to “copy” to my new database. Is there an easy way to do something like:

  col_1, col_2

Can someone guide me in the right direction and/or tell me where to start in the documentation?

Many thanks in advance!

Sure, take a look here.

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Thanks for your reply!

Since both databases were up and running I decided to go for a solution exporting data to csv-files and then use telegraf to import the old time series into the new database. I felt it gave me more control over the process and and let me collect measurements continuously and avoid any gaps n the series during the migration.