Want to try containers, and migrating data?

Hi all,

I built out a TIG stack as a learning experience on a fragile box that I use for testing. Then I learned I really really loved it.

Can someone share some advice on migrating to a new host?
I have Telegraf running on a number of hosts. I know I’ll need to change the IP address of each and point them at the new host.
But what about the config on my current Influxdb? What can I/Should I move?
And what about the data in the DB? Its not absolutely required, but it sure would be nice to have if its not to terribly hard.

I am moving from an Ubuntu 18.04 host to a Debian host OMV to be exact.
I might put it all in a container if that isn’t too difficult to do… Run the container like a pet and not cattle.
Would I run it in one Ubuntu Container or should I build different ones for each service, one InfluxDB, and one Grafana container?

Thank you for the advice.

You can use your configuration as-is in most cases, unless you made some host-specific changes like overriding the hostname.

There are a few ways to migrate the data. One way would be to shut down InfluxDB on the old host and copy the InfluxDB data directory (on Linux that would be /var/lib/influxdb/) onto the new host before starting InfluxDB.

Another option would be to use the built in Backup and Restore functionality.

If you’re interested in using containers, InfluxDB provides Docker images for all our applications, so you can just use those. You can refer to this blog post for some tips on using containers with the TICK stack: https://www.influxdata.com/blog/tips-for-running-the-tick-stack-using-docker/