Multiple measurements with no tags or one single measurement?


Hi everyone,
I’m new with InfluxDB and I have faced this problem: I need to store data coming from multiple sensors, each sensor name is like garage.light garage.door or kitchen.thermostat.temperature. Currently I’m using postgreSQL to store data from sensors and each sensor has a dedicated table with the name of the sensor.
What is the best choice for InfluxDB?

Should I use:

  • a single measurement called sensors with name as tag and time value as fields
  • multiple measurements with sensors names as name with no tags and time value fields

What are the pro and cons of each choice? Thanks.


I will design the data as single measurements as you suggested in your first point.
name as a tag. I am not sure about what other fields you store but time is managed by InfluxDB I think you can leave it to it.