Cannot connect kapacitor to Chronograf in kubernetes

I am using tick helm charts in my kubernetes cluster.
I have the pubclic chronograf dns through which I can login and connect to influxdb (using k8s service name, ex: xxx-influxdb:8086).
But I cannot connect to Kapacitor from chrograf (using the same technique of giving kapacitor service name, ex: xxx-kapacitor:9092)
It gives `Couldn’t connect to Kapacitor, check your connection settings)
the Kapacitor pod seems to running okay with

ts=2020-04-25T11:00:36.407Z lvl=info msg=“started task” service=kapacitor task_master=main task=transformer-failed-percent
ts=2020-04-25T11:00:36.433Z lvl=info msg=“started task” service=kapacitor task_master=main task=warehouse-failed-upload
ts=2020-04-25T11:00:36.444Z lvl=info msg=“listening for signals” service=run

I also tried with interfacing the kapacitor service as a loadbalancer, that too doesn’t work and gives the same error.
I am not sure how to debug this, any pointer will be helpful.

I believe we resolved this on Slack. :slight_smile: