Azure Monitor Collection

hey there!

I need to grab data from Azure Monitor to InfluxDB.
NOTE: I cannot use Grafana Azure plugin, as this solution by passes InfluxDB, and the data must go to InfluxDB.
I’ve tried to check Azure CLI, but it does not apply to Azure Monitor service.

Not sure about Telegraf plugin…

Any thoughts? Anything will be helpful…

Thanks in advance.

Hello @fefers,
What type of data?

I can suggest using a client:

Could this be useful to you:

Hi @Anaisdg.

thanks for the quick response.
Looking at this as example:

I need exactly the opposite. All data collected from Msft Azure Monitor, must go to InfluxDB.

As I said. I could use Grafana plugin, to show Azure data. But going to this solution, it by passes Influx, and my intention is to make Azure data goes to InfluxDB.

The closer topic found about what I need:

in summary, this is what I need:

Azure Services — data metrics --> Azure Monitor — data metrics --> InfluxDB

I also found this:

but regarding to the article, I need to create a InfluxDB on Azure… but I already have InfluxDB, outside Azure, and just need to grab the metrics data from Azure Monitor…

Hey there! any thought here?