Send data from influxdb measurements on AWS EC2 instance to Azure Event Hub

For almost three years we have been using influxdb (OS) on an AWS EC2 instance to ingest data from several IoT devices. We currently have a desire/need to also send this data to an Azure Event Hub while retaining the influxdb instance on AWS, i.e. continue ingesting the data from the IoT devices on the AWS EC2 instance, and relay the data from the AWS EC2 instance to the Azure Event Hub.

I found this link on the documentation for Telegraf output plugins that appears might perform this function, although metrics are mentioned instead of measurements. Am I on the right track?

Azure Event Hubs output plugin

Hello @dean.nederveld,
Yes you can use that plugin!

Have you seen the following:

You can also use the to() function in a flux task:

@Anaisdg, thank you for the confirmation. We ae currently using v1.8x so Flux isn’t yet an option for this task. I will look into the options you suggested for future use.

Meanwhile, I will explore the option of using the Telegraf plugin if I can figure out the proper syntax, etc.