Getting data from local to cloud influxdb for iot architecture usage

Hi guys, i have an architecture for my IoT Monitoring Device. it looks like this (pict)

i have questions about how to get data from the local InfluxDB to send to the cloud InfluxDB using HTTP Post.

do you guys have any ideas about this?
thank you


Hi @andhikasaja

You should be able to configure Telegraf to send to multiple sources (in your case, both local Influx and cloud Influx). See more here: Get Telegraf to send to multiple InfluxDB hosts

Hi, @grant1 thank you for your reply

i have been doing that, but in that case i got some problem about the integrity of the data that sent from the telegraf paralleled to local and cloud influxdb (oss influxdb but using vps). sometimes the internet signal is poor, so it lost some of the data that sent to the cloud.

so because of that, im trying to look at different way to send the data from edge iot device to cloud influx by sending it series from the telegraf to local influxdb then send to the cloud influxdb to maintain the integrity of the sensors data.

but the problem is, i dont know how to get data inside the local influxdb to be sent to the cloud influxdb (oss influxdb on vps)

i hope that clear for the problems!

Maybe someone else can offer up a suggestion, but I do not know of a way to sync a Influx Cloud DB with a locally hosted InfluxDB.

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Hi @andhikasaja, @grant1
we have a feature inbuilt into InfluxDB for this architecture called Edge Data Replication:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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