Upload local influxdb query to influxdb cloud

Hi team! How are you doing?

I’m trying to solve the following problem: I’ve a on-premise server with InfluxDB, Grafana and Telegraf. Also I’ve installed Kapacitor.
As local data is pretty big, I’m thinking that, instead do a clone copy to cloud, upload mean values to cloud once or two times a day. And add some other tags, server-name for example.

How can I do it? I was thinking about Kapacitor, but I can’t full understand how to do the query on local DB and upload to the cloudDB.
Maybe am i making it too complicated? Using Python Pandas may be a better option?
What do you think, guys?

Thanks !!

Hello @bgondell,
What versions of InfluxDB is your on prem instanace? Can you run a task and use the to() function to write data from your on prem to Cloud?