Pushing data from SFTP server to influxdb

I am collecting local remote data using a software then using python influxdb api client libary sends or write the local data to my influx instance in aws cloud. Usually it is working machine at my user site first getting JSON file and sending it to influxdb aws cloud.

The challenge now is the machine has no outgoing internet. So I have to send the data first to user SFTP server and then push data from SFTP to our cloud.
Do anyone have any idea like using Node-RED how could we do this ? or any other way.

Thank you much
Best Regards

Hello :slight_smile:
People use Telegraf to batch and cache data with the metric_buffer_size if you want to use that.
As far as node red is concerned I bet @Jay_Clifford will have some great ideas but he’s out until next week.