Export Azure log analytics data into Influxdb

Hi Experts,
I would like to know how to export Azure log analytics data into Influxdb database. I am building Grafana dashboards using Influxdb. And Grafana has a datasource for Azure monitor but it seems slow.

Therefore i want to use influxdb to display Azure log analytics data in Grafana. Please help me how to achieve.

Thanks for the hep!!!

Hello @tschary,
Welcome!! I don’t see an input plugin for Azure log analytics.
I’d consider using execd input plugin. And you could contribute it as an external plugin:

Thanks @Anaisdg for the response. I didn’t find any useful plugin from external plugins. Could you please guide me Is there any way to export data from azure log analytics into influxdb.


Hello @tschary,
Sorry I was recommending that you might want to try writing your own with the Execd input plugin and contribute it if you like.

Or you can use the API to query data(? I’m not too familiar with Azure log analytics so pls confirm that that would meet your needs):

And use the http listener plugin:

And you’ll want to use the JSON format for the plugin:

Please let me know if that makes sense.